15 May 2018

How can I be pregnant? I Use Birth Control!

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You pride yourself on being organized, prepared, and ready for anything. So when your period is late you are stunned. “Wait, but I’m on the pill,” you think to yourself. “I never miss a dose, ever! There’s no way I can be pregnant!” Still, you head out to the store to buy a home pregnancy test just to reassure yourself.

1 May 2018

How Can I Support My Pregnant Girlfriend?

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How Can I Support My Pregnant Girlfriend? Pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience for women and at times, it can prove to be an emotional challenge for them. Generally, women are more emotional than men are and often fall prey to their rapidly changing emotions, especially in pregnancy. In case [...]

15 Apr 2018

I Can’t Be Pregnant!

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The hopeless situation is all you can see.  This is a crisis!  When I suspected I was pregnant at eighteen, inwardly I was a mess.  I was angry at myself, at God, and my ex-boyfriend.  I was in denial desperately wanting to believe my period was late due to the stresses of college.  I bargained and pleaded with God.  “Please, I can’t be pregnant!  I will never have sex again!  I will wait until I’m married!”  I cried hysterically and finally accepted the situation.  I’m pregnant!  All I could see was the crisis:  I’m pregnant, and there is no way I am telling my parents. 

25 Feb 2018

What are the Early Signs of Pregnancy?

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What are the Early Signs of Pregnancy? Pregnancy symptoms differ for every woman. The best way to confirm is to take a home pregnancy test or a blood test, but until you can do that here are some common early signs of pregnancy, which can help you determine whether you [...]

10 Feb 2018

What Should I Do? I Feel Pressured to Have an Abortion

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Have you ever felt pressured to get an abortion?  What are your legal rights?  Gateway offers confidential information, testing and help.  Call for an appointment (919) 833-0096, Text (919) 502-0096 or email info@gatewaycampus.org

15 Jan 2018

Teenage Pregnancy

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Teenage Pregnancy? We are here to help According to the American Pregnancy Association, teen pregnancy is defined as a pregnancy that occurs when a woman is under the age of 20. While going through a teen pregnancy is not the easiest, it is surely possible. It may come with a [...]

1 Jan 2018

Pregnancy Tests, what are your options?

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It has been more than a month and no signs of your periods started. The first thing that comes to mind is to rush to your local drugstore. Before you grab the first home pregnancy test, take a moment to consider what your best choices are and how precise they [...]

15 Oct 2017

I was Planning to have an Abortion, but Miscarried. Why do I feel so sad?

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I was planning to have an abortion, but miscarried.  Why do I feel so sad?  Whether you realized it or not, the moment you found out you were pregnant an emotional bond began between you and your baby.  That emotional bond was broken when you miscarried, leaving you with pregnancy loss feelings that need to be recognized and expressed.