1 Jan 2018

Pregnancy Tests, what are your options?

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It has been more than a month and no signs of your periods started. The first thing that comes to mind is to rush to your local drugstore. Before you grab the first home pregnancy test, take a moment to consider what your best choices are and how precise they [...]

10 Jul 2017

My Home Pregnancy Test Was Negative. Can I Still Be Pregnant?

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So there you are in your bathroom, anxiously watching the timer on your phone count down.  You hear the ding; you hesitantly look; and…. One line…. Negative.  The first rush of feeling is relief.  But then - wait a minute.  

1 Jun 2017

Is Your Negative Pregnancy Test Really Negative?

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Wondering if you’re pregnant or not and waiting to find out can feel like torture. Taking a home pregnancy test is often the first course of action. These easily available tests are no substitute for a doctor’s care, of course – and even a negative pregnancy test can be [...]