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20Jun 2017

I Have a Pregnant Girlfriend or Daughter. What Should I Do?

If you aren’t expecting to hear the words, “I’m pregnant” from your girlfriend or teenaged daughter, they may come as quite a shock. Chances are she was just as stunned as you are. Breaking the news about a surprise baby to someone takes courage. While your first reaction might [...]

10Jun 2017

Help! I’m just a teenager and I’m pregnant!

Discovering you’re pregnant as a teenager can be a scary time indeed.  You’re horrified that this has happened to you.  All of the unknowns come rushing at you causing pain and emotional turmoil.  How do I tell my parents?  What about school?  Why am I so sick?  What will my boyfriend say?  What will my friends say?  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?  If you are a teenager and you’re pregnant, you are in a crisis.  Whether the pregnancy is intentional or not, the stress of the situation still exists.  

1Jun 2017

Is Your Negative Pregnancy Test Really Negative?

Wondering if you’re pregnant or not and waiting to find out can feel like torture. Taking a home pregnancy test is often the first course of action. These easily available tests are no substitute for a doctor’s care, of course – and even a negative pregnancy test can be [...]